The Car Poet

by Owl Own It, LLC.  All Rights Reserved. 

The BMW, a steed so fair and fleet,

With grace and power, doth complete

Each journey with a heart so light.

Its engine, a symphony of might,

Doth roar with strength and take to flight,

And leave all others far in sight.

And in its wake, a trail doth blaze,

A path of glory, through the maze

Of roads that others fear to tread.

So fear not, dear driver, take the wheel,

And let the BMW do its deal,

For it shall guide thee safely home.

And when the journey's end is near,

Thou shalt look back with naught to fear,

And know that thou hast traveled well.

The Toyota Sequoia, a giant on the road,

With strength and power, it carries its load,

Comfort and luxury, for all within its hold,

Taking you on adventures, both young and old.

A true symbol of reliability, never to fold. 

Kia Rio, small yet bright,

Nimble and quick, takes to flight,

Efficiency shines.